Tutorial Video


Thank you for choosing VPS Tiger, we hope that you enjoy our services. In this tutorial we will guide you to order VPS Tiger server and login to that server using putty.


Follow the steps below to order the kvm server:

  1. Open Website
  2. Click on Pricing link at top menu.
  3. At pricing page you will see multiple plans of Linux & Windows VPS, if you want ssh go for linux vps, for remote desktop order windows vps.
  4. Select your plan and click on order button.
  5. At plan configuration page select your billing cycle and click on continue button.
  6. The next page will be other configuration where you select the required ips, operating system and control panel and click on continue button.
  7. If you are new customer fill in form with your details, if you already have the account click on Existing Customer tab where you enter your login details. Once you are done click on continue button.
  8. You will be redirected to payment page where we accept multiple payment options, make the payment and once the payment is completed your vps will be activated instantly.


Accessing Login Details

Once you have made the payment, your server will be activated instantly, you can access server login details by viewing welcome email. Your welcome email should look like that:

Dear XXX,

Thank you for your order with VPS Tiger!

We are happy to inform you that your Virtual Private Server has been configured, it can take 5 to 40 minutes for os reload.

You can login to SSH through third party SSH Client like putty.
To download SSH Client at

Username: root
Password: XXXXXXXX

You can login to our billing system at, using the email address we sent this email to, and the password which you entered during sign up.

Yours Sincerely
VPS Tiger


Accessing VPS

Linux vps can be accessed through ssh while windows vps is access through remote desktop (rdp).

Accessing Linux VPS

Follow the steps below to access the linux server:

  1. Download putty, you need it to access linux server.
  2. Once putty is downloaded, open it and enter your ip (which you got through welcome email) at Host Name text box, port is 22 and then click on open button.
  3. You will see terminal enter username which normally is ‘root’, and enter the password which you got through welcome email and then click enter.
  4. You will see output similar to following:
    [root@server83496 ~]
  5. Thats all, you have successfully accessed your linux vps.


Accessing Windows VPS

Follow the steps below to access the windows server:

  1. For Windows VPS you will need no third party software, just open Remote Desktop Connection at windows.
  2.  At remote desktop window, at computer text box, enter your ip (which you got through welcome email) and click on connect button.
  3. At next window you will be prompted to enter username and password, username is normally Administrator, while the password is the one that you got through welcome email.
  4. Thats all, you have successfully accessed your windows vps.